Website Promotion Assessment - Only £40

Before making any decisions about promoting or redesigning your site it is essential to know how your site is doing on the web.

By knowing how your site ranks on the search engines and how many people are linking to your site you can focus your resources better.

Who is linking to you?

With a lot of sites people just put them out on the web and hope for the best. You may have submitted the site to a few search engines and perhaps got a few links to the site and left it at that. With the explosion of Social Networking on the web the number of links that sites usually have has gone through the roof.

Without you doing anything you may find that people are linking to your site through Social Networks or review sites. But what are they saying? Which pages are they linking to? How can you encourage more links?

Low hanging fruit

Some pages of your site may be easier to push up the search engine rankings than others. It may just take a bit of editing or a few links. However, if you don't know which pages these are you could be wasting your time, effort and money on the wrong pages.

How are you doing in relation to your competitors

By assessing your relative position to your main competitors you can decide where to focus your resources. If you don't know what your competitors are up to you can't beat them. By analysing the keywords that they rank for and the number of links to their pages you can have a clear idea of what it will take to compete and where is most effective to do so.

Are your competitors heavily involved in Social Networking? Is this an area that you need to do more in to compete?

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