Search Engine Keyword Monitoring - Only £25

How successful is you website? If you're not tracking where you rank for all your related keywords then your really have no idea.

Even if you don't make any changes to your site then its rank can go up and down based on what is happening on other sites. As your competitors add content to their sites and as people link to those sites their sites move up the rankings. Your site could be slipping down the rankings without you knowing and as it does your visits will be getting less ans less.

Planning your promotions

If you are going to promote your site then you need to know where your site is ranked before you start. Not only do you need it to be able to measure the success of your promotion but also it will help you decide where to focus your promotion.

Keeping Track

Search engine rankings change on a daily basis so it is important to keep a regular eye on what is going on. By having a monthly check made on your rankings you will be able to assess the success of you site and the progress of your promotions.

To monitor your keywords yourself across multiple search engines could take up hours of your valuable time each month. Let us take the strain and we'll prepare you a monthly report of up to 100 keywords across the major search engines for only £25 a month.

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